Wednesday, February 4, 2009

One Crazy Month Down, One to Go

Inauguration Day festivities in Jefferson City brought out a large group of midwifery supporters.
Here we are over at the Supreme Court building, getting ready to go greet our new Attorney General
Jan. 2009

Oh, dear! Has it really been almost a whole month since I posted on my blog?

My life has been a blur ... a long series of visitors, meetings, clinicals, paperwork, email, and driving. I'm looking forward to the deadlines and events of February being over and gone so I can get back to living a little more sanely.... I hope.

I was in Illinois this morning... I'm heading for Kansas tomorrow for the weekend. And all the while our annual "Cookie Day" at the Capitol with our special speaker - Jennifer Block - author of "Pushed: The Painful Truth About Modern Maternity Care" - is supposed to be successfully pulled off next Tuesday. That means media alerts, coordination of hundreds of people, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Whew!

I really do hope to get back to frequent blog posts again... soon. Don't go away!

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