Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Cookies

We had a huge cookie baking day a couple of weeks before Christmas. Friends and neighbors participated, and those who weren't here to help us bake received a plate of cookies the next day. We've never made this many fancy cookies before (I think we made 11 different recipes)... but we found it to be a lot of fun and a great opportunity to go knock on a lot of neighbors' doors that we normally don't have a reason to visit! :)

Azarina, Bethany, and Joanna were more than happy to "man" the chocolate-dipping station!

Almost finished... the table is a mess and there's several hundred cookies to package!


Laurel said...

Wow!! They look great!

Rachel said...

Yummy!!! If you ever need a taste-tester let me know!☺

Jessi said...

Looks like one of the snowmen in the second to last picture was decapitated. Hehe!! :)

Joanna U. said...

Yeah it kinda fell apart :)
We had a BLAST though. We gave plates to about 30 neighbors with cookies and a little booklet called "How to Know God"
We were all sick of chocolate and cookies by the end of the day but we got over it really quick