Monday, October 6, 2008

Family Camp Potpourri

Photo: Christy Danielle, the newest little rosebud at our church. Born just a couple of weeks ago, we were happy to see her and her mama at camp!

Family Camp ended yesterday afternoon. We were there till after dark, cleaning up, going through leftover food, and wrapping up all of the book keeping.

This morning we slept in till the neighbor showed up needing the kids to help him look for his missing pigs! I think they're still out in the woods looking for the last missing one. (They found one dead and half-eaten, and another one alive, but badly chewed up. Coyotes? Anyway, he's hauling it to the butcher plant today.)

I'm busy unpacking the van and doing laundry. I hope to post Camp pictures soon, but for now, a few quotes from some of the sermons will have to suffice. (Some of these quotes are not word-for-word, as some of them are summaries of thoughts I scribbled down during my note-taking.)

Even at the end of life, as you die, you should be in awe of the staggering love of God to you, your life, and to your soul. There is so much of the greatness of God's love to discover, that you will never run out of things to be amazed at every day that you live. -- Keith Daniel

Give me the Godly, rather than the crowds to stand with me, to house me, to love me, to be my friends. -- Keith Daniel

You cannot believe what the devil will make of you if you give him half a chance, toying with sin. You will become something that you in your right mind would have abhorred. -- Keith Daniel

It's not how you start the race; it's how you finish it. -- Pastor Don Courville

If you want to know how Godly a man really is, just listen to how he speaks to his wife. It's the tip of the iceburg, but it tells you everything about what is hidden below and who he really is. -- Keith Daniel

It's a terrifying thing to see a man who has to get what he wants, rather than being content with what God has seen fit to give him to fulfill his needs.
-- Keith Daniel

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Anna said...

What wonderful quotes, that first one especially! Thank you for posting.